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-[[.. ACCEPTANCE ..]]-

Ian is my name..and i have dream to chase but with that thought and mission in mind,i need to lay down every memories..so here it goes

-[[.. RANDOM ..]]-

tried to catch a falling star
thinking that she had gone too far
she did and kept it hidden well
until she cracked and then she fell

if all the history is true
she's gonna end up just like you

they build you up
so they can tear you down
trust the ocean, you'll never drown

if you're lost reach out for me
and you'll see she's not far

-[[..I care..]]-

Wendy Chen
Seow Ying
kang wei

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  • -[[.. SPAM ME ..]]-

    Celine Dion - A New Day Has Come


    Saturday, January 16, 2010
    More fun but needs to work harder=)

    Second week of college. It is so Fun,every lesson i like it,every subject i love it. there is activity almost in every lesson. Luminol react with hydrogen peroxide,i like this experiment coz i gotta chance to conduct infront my mate. it will glow in dark,i mean blue light,its like in Avatar. the liquid glowing gloomly infront of me.My face cant hide the smile of excitement. Yesterday with my Bio team( I'm as the leader,leading 8 chicks,lol) to take photo of ecosystem! My friend,suphannsa she has this Micro-SD camera and the result is astonishing. Our lecturer gives us a lot of compliments and i got the feeling that we will present it brilliantly! Till then,i will enjoy college and anticipate Chinese New Year.

     - don't look back `

    Saturday, January 9, 2010
    College is indeed that fun

    Grand,awesome,sexy,cool,wild,multi-cultural,wise,systematic...There are more adjective i can use to describe Sun-U college. First day im there,kinda lonely because i have no room-mate and flat mates but as time goes by,things getting hotter and better=) Lucky i have wendy with me,she ease my loneliness and help me to make more friends. During orientation day,i meet more fresh and cool people! like this British,Australian,Vietnamese and Chinese Mixed boy called sean. I hang out with him quite good and a whole bunch of hot chicks.

    My thought about staying in college is people here are fashionable in the way they present themselves,confident-but-some-arrogant,friendly..Sounds good huh but there are some other bitch as well there,whose mouth cant stop say the F-words in their sentence =.=''' so far,i had approached people from pakistan,iran,arab,maldives and venuezela..but i believe there are more from other countries i havent meet! Its quite exciting meeting people from around the globe and they thought me their language! About my study,things are always easy at the beginning so i have no problem cope out with it in the moment. And i plan to join the swimming club,in hope that can build a bit of muscle while work my way as become a better swimmer=)

    All in all,new environment needs a new attitude to fit yourself in and lucky first week isnt a problem for me and i believe things will get better. Looking forward to see my homies during CNY..Take care.

     - don't look back `

    Sunday, November 22, 2009
    Good Bye,im leaving *tears*

    well,its almost the end of November and thanks Amrit for remind me to update my blog,lol..
    Waoh,*surprise* *shock* *flabbergasted*....I have completed lower Six life in KHS...so fast man!! *memories of past half year flowing through my head now* And on 19th of November,my 6BG fella and faggot(hehe,jk jk) have a farewell dinner for me,its awesome..because the prepared a D..U..R..I..A..N C..A..K..E-DURIAN CAKE for me..Not to mention the grand Pizza feast we had^^ we cam-whoring,gaying,joking of each other,eating while spurt the pieces of pizza =.='''' Im so contented with the dinner,thanks my homie and girls.. How can i ever forget you all?? Its hard,right! hahaha..the following link it the picture we took that day. WARNING!! Pictures contain adult material and Non-human act,viewer discretion is advised! Enjoy

    take care,everyone! for guys at KHS,control ya'll gayness,dude! For girls at KHS,be confident and the way you are! keep contact!lucky we still have facebook,phew ^^
    aheem,ahemm *i love you all*

     - don't look back `

    Tuesday, November 3, 2009
    Im stress but im lucky at the same time...really

    Last week was exam week and i strive hard for this final time exam as i dont want to fail and because this will be my last exam in Form 6...But looks like luck just wasnt on my side=p

    Okay,so after exam do what..sure enjoy gau gau la~~ My girlfriend/wenyin/yin yin/honey ( aheem,sorry if all these words gave you a goosebump,haha) need to visit some animal farm and i suggested she to this ostrich farm at hulu langat. We both went there around noon and luckily the weather is not too hot but it did rain a bit,the whole ostrich's farm didnt have any visitors expect both of us and i feel so relax just to be there,watching the landscape,the horse gallop,goat sneeze!! really,they really sneeze infront of us and we laugh about that. Other than that,of course is the main attraction,the ostrich,they run and keep pecking around,most funny of all is they poop like open a water tap =.=''' Actually,that day we planned to visit rabbit farm at broga as well but i suggest yin to Sg.tekala,of course she agreed with this experienced tour guide ^^

    When we arrived Sg.tekala..i inhale deeply and stretch my body,the air is just fresh enough to make me awake..i hold her hand and take her inside the place,there are a lots of stream and water fall along the pathway to the peak of Sg.tekala. I was surprised yin never visited that place before..we both take off our shoes and walk into the water stream,allow the icy water touches our bare foots. we just like other little couples splashing water and laugh at each other.

    I'm really lucky
    because to have her by my side and keep supporting me,during the exam week,she keep supporting me,days and nights,she there with me..no only just on exam weeks,in fact,every days. She make a change to my life,she make me feel this life still worth loves,worth caring,worth the best from her.. And now,every single day,i keep thinking about you and missing you~~ I never thought i can love you as much as i thought the day before,every single day,i feel i love you even more now.Took my heart to the limit and that is where i will stay...hmm,what will you say?

    this is the goat that sneeze(not included the GIRL inside the picture=p)


     - don't look back `

    Thursday, October 22, 2009
    Am i really that stress...

    Its a good question that i should ponder about because yesterday my friends told me something...

    Friends "eh,yiliang...are you stressful"
    Me "errrr..oklorr...study sure must stress one mah"
    Friends "nola,just feel that you will have a lot of stress lo.."
    me "why??"
    Friends "aiyor,your family and girlfriend mah....Your gf is top student...boy will feel ego de mah if they lose"

    After i went back home,i did think about that...and compare with what i have promised myself...i start wondering what makes me wanna study now. Is it because i want to have a promising future and get into a field that i want to or just because i dont want to disappoint the people who care for me then only i study! Everytime i ask myself to study hard, My quotes will be "dont disappoint them..dont disappoint them" So,im not study for myself but for the people who i care!!!
    Well,its nothing wrong about this notion because some students study for this purpose. I wanna be compatible... i do not wish to be the subordinate!! well,once again..its all come back to Man's ego and dignity...

    Stressed = Desserts
    In here,the word "stressed" is past tense so it means that only after stress had past then only you can feel the desserts...

     - don't look back `

    Thursday, September 24, 2009
    For my love one

    My love,wendy

    You told me that you never felt such feelings before,the excitement,the genuine happiness and the authentic laughs that spread among my friends,and you,also spontaneously laugh when you saw that or heard that. And you told me that when you see me happy,you happy too...I believe that,i see that... I never knew whats the meaning of love is blind until you unfold it to me and i feel it. You willing to be there for me when i need you and i never ever heard you said you too tired to join me or whatever the reasons. But sometimes i will give excuse for not joining your occasion but i wont take it for granted. Seeing you every day makes me feel there is some one i need to live for and you needs me as well..Seeing you smile,i will smile too and of course,seeing you happy,i will happy too. Today i told myself "Yi Liang,you have finally found a girl that you dreamt all this while,so lets make her happy" And i will,yin.. I will make you happy! I will be there,i want it that way;)

    I Love You...

    Your dear:Ian

     - don't look back `

    Yesterday i went to Mid-valley with wendy and we have an awesome day. We shop for couple of hours and get some nice clothes for me and one for her. We did watch Final destination and that movie is very mediocre....This is my first time i feel like wanna sleep when watch a movie =.='''
    Anyway,we went back to kajang early and kok wai call me to ask me out for a swim at kajang hills. So,i agreed and yin followed as well... I have a terrific swim with them. Photos show it

    I like this one =)

     - don't look back `